JBNR Instructions for Authors
Manuscripts for the Journal of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research should be written in the format of the American Psychological Association (5th edition) using Microsoft Word (IBM compatible format). An electronic version of the file should be emailed, as an attachment, to the editor-in-chief (flintr@mail.strose.edu). Manuscripts will be reviewed in a timely manner in the order in which they are received and authors should receive notification of the status of their manuscript within 8-10 weeks of submission. Authors will be sent copies of the anonymous reviews in addition to the editorial decision.

All manuscripts should explicitly state, in the Subject/Participant section, that approval was obtained from the appropriate institutional committee for research (Institutional Review Board for Research with Human Subjects or Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee) prior to any data collection. Generally, all research should be conducted in an ethical manner and in accordance with the ethical and legal requirements for research established by state and federal governments and by the author's specific discipline (e.g. American Psychological Association).

A separate cover letter, in Microsoft Word (IBM compatible format), should accompany each submission and should explicitly state 1) that the work has not been previously published, 2) that it is not currently under review for publication in any other source, and 3) that all authors have contributed significantly to the project and have consented to having their name included on the manuscript. Authors should also indicate the type of published article (Featured Article, Brief Report, Review Article) they wish their manuscript to be considered for in JBNR. Complete contact information for the corresponding author should be provided to facilitate communication (mailing address, fax number, phone number, and email address). Authors are also required to submit the name, mailing address, phone number, and email address of at least 3 potential reviewers from outside the institution in which the work was completed. These recommended reviewers should not have a conflict of interest with reviewing the manuscript.

The manuscript title page should include the word count (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages) and a list of 3-8 key terms/phrases that may be used for indexing purposes in the lower half of the page.

Authors are responsible for acquiring copyright permission for any images, figures, quotes, or other previously published information from the copyright holder. Written confirmation of copyright permission must be submitted to the editor-in-chief prior to publication of any manuscript in which copyright protected material is included.

Upon acceptance of an article for publication authors will be asked to submit a final copy of the manuscript, as an attachment, in Microsoft Word (IBM compatible format). Images, figures, and diagrams saved in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint should be submitted electronically as separate documents from the manuscript OR high quality original copies of this material may be submitted to the editor-in-chief by mail.

Galley proofs will be sent by mail to the author prior to publication and authors will be responsible for returning the hardcopy within 4 business days. Authors are responsible for assuring that all information is correct. The publisher may make some minor changes to the manuscript in order to make it consistent with the electronic format of the journal. Authors will also be sent a copyright transfer form and will be required to complete and return this form with their galley proofs prior to the appearance of their manuscript in JBNR.

Featured Articles

Manuscripts of comprehensive empirical studies, typically involving two or more experiments, that make a novel contribution and systematically address a particular issue are appropriate for the Featured Articles section of JBNR. Manuscripts should be limited to 8,500 words (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages). Authors should follow the format for multiple-experiment manuscripts in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (5th ed.) when preparing their manuscripts.
Brief Reports

Submissions for the Brief Reports section of JBNR should be short manuscripts (typically a single experiment) for empirical studies in which behavior, neuroscience, or an integration of the two is the primary focus. These manuscripts should be limited to 2,500 words (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages). Experiments should make novel contributions, be firmly based in the empirical literature, and written in the format for single empirical studies as described in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (5th ed.).
Review Articles

Review Articles should contribute to the literature by addressing a specific problem/controversy or by generating unique conclusions based on a novel perspective and critical evaluation of the literature (including meta-analyses). Authors should follow the format for review articles in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (5th ed.) when creating their manuscript. Review articles should be limited to 12,000 words.
Special Issues

Occasionally, a Special Issue of the journal will be produced at the discretion of the editor. Special Issues will be published in addition to the two issues that comprise each yearly volume. Suggestions for Special Issues should be sent to the editor with a detailed description of the focus to be taken, a list of individuals (approximately 8-12) who have tentatively agreed to contribute to the issue, and the proposed title of each article. Special Issues of the journal may be comprised of empirical studies or theoretical reviews, but should all share a similar focus. Priority will be given to those proposals for Special Issues that involve topics integrating behavioral and neuroscience techniques. Manuscripts should be limited to 8,500 words (excluding Title, Abstract, and Reference pages).