JBNR Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief (Founder)

Robert W. Flint, Jr., Ph.D. - The College of Saint Rose

Areas of Specialty: Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience; Neurobiology of Learning & Memory; Memory Modulation, Context-Dependent Memory

Contact Information:

The College of Saint Rose
Department of Psychology
432 Western Avenue
Albany, NY  12203-1490

Phone: 518-458-5379
Email: flintr@mail.strose.edu

Associate Editors

Martha Boose, Ph.D. - The College of Saint Rose

Areas of Specialty: Communication Disorders, as related to progressive neurological diseases, autistic spectrum, brain injury, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication; Assessment and  Intervention of Communication Disorders

Nancy Dorr, Ph.D. - The College of Saint Rose

Areas of Specialty: Stress and Coping; Social Psychological Influences on Health; Health Consequences of Prejudice

Nairmeen Haller, Ph.D. - University of Akron - Wayne College

Areas of Specialty: Psychoneuriommunology; Rodent Disease Models, Behavioral Endocrinology, Stress, Wound Healing

John Jewell, Ph.D. - Saint Joseph's University

Areas of Specialty: Spatial Representations; Biomechanics and Body Posture; Spatial Orientations; Human Factors in Office Ergonomics

Barry Ries, Ph.D. - Minnesota State University at Mankato

Areas of Specialty: Clinical Psychology; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Social Phobia; Specific Phobias

Benjamin Walker, Ph.D. - Georgetown University

Areas of Specialty: Neurobiology of Seizure Disorders and Autistic Behavior; Neuropharmacology; Sensory System Modification; Integrative Systems Neuroscience


Faculty and researchers interested in serving as reviewers for JBNR should send a copy of their CV to the editor-in-chief for consideration.