JBNR Description
The Journal of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research is a peer reviewed journal designed as an outlet for research in Psychology and Neuroscience. Articles from any discipline within Psychology or Neuroscience are welcome, however, priority will be given to those studies which employ both behavioral and neuroscience techniques/assessments in the examination of a particular issue. The interdisciplinary scope of JBNR includes, but is not limited to, research in Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, Communication Disorders, Health Psychology, Behavioral Endocrinology, Developmental Biopsychology, Psychophysiology, Neural Imaging, Comparative Psychology, Behavioral Genetics, Psychopharmacology, and Neuropsychology. Studies of humans, non-human animals, and invertebrate species are all accepted, however the contribution/relevance to our understanding of human behavior should be addressed in all manuscripts.

JBNR is committed to promoting the distribution of important scholarly work at all levels. In addition to submissions from faculty/researchers, students at the undergraduate and graduate level are encouraged to submit their work, whether it be the product of coursework, a student thesis, an independent study, or a directed research project. Student submissions may be particularly appropriate for the Brief Reports section of JBNR, but are certainly not restricted to this article type. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out assistance from a faculty/research sponsor, supervisor, or advisor and should consider including this individual as a co-author on manuscripts in which a student is first author.

JBNR was founded in 2003 and is published biannually (March and October) at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY and in affiliation with the North East Under/graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience. This web cite and all material associated with it, including published articles, are copyright protected and owned by The College of Saint Rose. Readers interested in printing/copying multiple copies of JBNR articles should consult the copyright policy first.