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Monday 2:30-3:30 in AH400-4; Tuesday 1:30-2:30 pm in AH400-4; Tuesday 2:30-3:45 in AH 114; Thursday 1:30-4:00 in AH400-4; or by arrangement




Scratch 1.4 - Beginner's Guide; Michael Badger; Packt Publishing; 2009

Learning to Program with Alice; Dann, Cooper & Pausch; Prentice Hall; 2012

Course Description:

At a time when computer usage has never been greater, and when computing and technology jobs have never been more desirable and more available, K-12 students have never been less prepared to enter the computing field. Believe it or not, there was once a time when even elementary school students learned how to write computer programs using languages such as LOGO that developed for children.

Computer scientists have recognized this problem, and have once again created programming environments well-suited for children. In the late 1990's, Alice was developed at Carnegie-Mellon. And in the late 2000's, Scratch was developed at MIT.

In this course, we will learn how to use both Scratch and Alice, make projects using both tools, and create a lesson for elementary school children that use these tools. You will create this lesson in a small group, and present it to the class.

You must bring your book to class, as you will use it as a lab manual.

Make sure that you buy a thumb drive to store your work on.

Homework assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit. There will be penalties for late homework assignments. All assignments must be handed in by the last class.

You are encouraged, but not required, to work with a partner on all assignments.

I will follow the College’s policies on Plagiarism.

Grading Policy

Homework Assignments 70%
Lesson presentation 30%

Week Of

August 29


Introduction to Scratch (Chapter 3)

September 5

Introduction to Scratch (Chapter 3)

September 12

Scratch - Graphics and Slideshows (Chapter 4)

September 19

Scratch - Storytelling (Chapter 5)

September 26

Scratch - Arcade Games (Chapter 6)

October 3

Scratch - Games of Fortune (Chapter 7)

October 10

Scratch - Math and Finance (Chapter 8)

October 17

Scratch - Math and Finance (Chapter 8)
Scratch - Sharing (Chapter 10)

October 24

Alice-  Introduction (Chapters 1,2)

October 31

Alice-  Programming (Chapter 3)

November 7

Alice - Classes, Objects, Methods, and Parameters (Chapter 4)

November 14

Alice - Interactive Programming (Chapter 5)

November 21

Alice - Functions and If/Else (Chapter 6)

November 28

Alice - Functions and If/Else (Chapter 6)
Alice - Repetition (Chapter 7)

December 5

Alice - Repetition (Chapter 7)
Project Work

December 12 Project Work
Thursday, December 15; 10:45-1:15 Presentations