William Hardin, Ph.D.
Mathematics Department

picture of a blackboard
Degrees Aquired Universities Attended
BS Mathematics
Syracuse University, 1980
MS Applied Mathematics
Syracuse University, 1984
Ph.D. Math Education
Syracuse University, 1997

Contact Information
OFFICE AND HOURS: 432 Western Avenue, Room# 400-10
Monday & Wednesday, 11:40-12:40
EMAIL ADDRESS: Hardinw@strose.edu
PHONE NUMBER: 518-337-4325

Spring 2009 Fall 2009
Number Theory/Algebra Childhood Education
Number Theory/Algebra Childhood Education
Elementary Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Finite Mathematics
Intro to Math Statistics
Probability Theory
Probability Statistics

*Listen to these songs! William Hardin wrote and sang them and also played all of the instruments!! *
Song 1
Song 2
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