ECE iWebfolio Directions

Creating your Account:

1.    Be sure popup blocker is disabled. 

2.    Go to this address:

3.    A login/sign up window will appear.

4.    New users will click on  (lower right corner of window).  Screen will change.

5.    Read and follow the instructions.

6.    You will be asked for the Affiliation Code.  Type strose in the provided box.

7.    Click Next; screen will change; click Yes.

8.    Read licensing agreement, check the box to confirm you read and click accept.  Screen will change.

9.    Enter all the required account information, click next. 

*It is recommended that you utilize your Saint Rose user name and email.  It will be easier for you to remember.

  • Username: should be same as first half of Saint Rose email: example: bakerm123 (last name, first initial and last three digits of student ID).

  • Password:  should be easy to remember but safe.  It will need to be between 5-20 characters.

10.    Screen will change; choose Credit Card for Payment method; Click next.

11.    Enter the requested payment account information as requested and click Next.


Purchasing options: Choose how long to have account.

*You may need to check with your professor if you are not sure.

12.    You will get an email confirmation of your account set up.  Then you will be able to login into your iWebfolio account and begin working.

Creating your Account Video:

Logging In:

1.    The URL for the login site is

2.    Under ACCOUNT LOGIN enter your user name and password. Then click Log In.

3.    You will be redirected to your iWebfolio account home page. Use the tabs in the upper left to navigate through various sections of your iWebfolio.

Adding your Template:
1.  Click on the Portfolios tab. Choose Create New Portfolio.
2.  Click on Teacher Education and then Select (right) next to Early Childhood Template.
3. On the next screen, press Next. Then press Save in the next window.

4.  The next step would be to enter your Benchmark assignment. Click on the Benchmark you need to complete, (Benchmark One, Benchmark Two or Benchmark Three) along the left side navigation. Then choose Edit in upper right corner.
5.  The assignment information typed in the template should be deleted ONCE you are done completing the assignment, but leave it in there until you have completed it so that you have the details of what needs to be included in this Benchmark. To add text, you can simply type.
Some of the other things you may need to do:
 - Upload a link a document
 - Copy text from Microsoft Word
These directions, plus additional ones, can be found at the iWebfolio Support website.